Quick question about conditionals

Does a lot of conditionals on an element slow the page down?

Hi @aexel.programming18
Yes i think it will effect the performance,
To be precise if conditional contains some complex searches or filters then it will slow down the page.
Infact you can check how much time & data gets loaded by doing inspect.
I hope these 2 articles will definitely help you

Thanks a lot for your reply! I have read the articles and I saw that running a lot of elements can make the page slow as well, my last question now becomes: What will be slower? using a lot of elements with text in them that have states that only show up when a code is used OR using very little elements and changing the text using conditionals.

Thnx in advance :slight_smile:

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@aexel.programming18 I think this will be slower

I dont want to change everything up (which will probably take up a month to do so) and then find out that It didnt make any difference in speed. I read about the dev tool in the articles you send me, how do I recognize a certain element and its conditions so I can find out for myself what runs slower?