Bubble is 8 years old today!

Inspiring story. Well done for sticking with it through what was probably some tough times. Happy 8th birthday Bubble.

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You guys changed more lives than you will ever know :slight_smile:


Our organisation is based in South Africa. My team and I have embraced Bubble ! We’ll be launching a new app built on Bubble in a month or 2 . Thank you so much for empowering entrepreneurs all over the world !

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Thats great, Happy Birthday! Keep on going Bubble!!!

Wow and you are just getting started! For your birthday month, you should drop that Repeating group update that builds in user sorting. :wink:

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Belated Happy Birthday, Bubble! Very slow in joining this party, but I just want to say what a fun and informative read this was. Also, I can’t help but feel a tiny flush of pride at this:

…Bubble would have more major customers, including Dividend Finance in 2014, whose aggressive scaling pushed the platform to its limits a number of times.

As the product and technology lead at Dividend Finance (then Dividend Solar) from inception into 2016, I was the guy translating a blizzard of fast-moving business requests into sometimes even faster-moving bubble implementation. We hired then-very-new AirDev to help build a new loan product with multiple distinct web portals plus e-signature and Salesforce integration from scratch, with Vlad and Andrew doing a lot of heavy lifting on the app and Josh as consulting engineer, and we did it in record time – literally the whole thing, many dozens of features and multiple external integrations, faster than single-feature updates at other companies I’ve seen. Except for Josh, who was focused on the bubble engine, and a part-time sfdc dev, we had zero traditional software engineers on the project. The fast launch was critical, allowing us to be the 2nd player in that space, behind only a company with more than a year’s head start and about 20x the funding. Bubble allowed Dividend to basically double its month-over-month loan volume for about 11 months straight and compete head-to-head against much larger and better funded players; now Dividend occupies the #2 spot in its market, having originated over a billion dollars in loans for solar investors. Features we built five years ago still haven’t been matched by many of the competitors in that space!

It absolutely could not have happened without Bubble. Not just providing the platform, but making it possible in the first place to build a solid foundation with a couple of business analysts who donned a visual programming hat. Quadruple hat tip to Josh, Emmanual, Vlad and Andrew who together devised and built out tons of new features in near real time to make it all happen.

In 2014, what we did was crazy (by conventional software standards) and should have been impossible. Now bubble has 600K plus users. I’m going to go out on a short limb and say within another 8 years it will be not only unremarkable but mainstream.


Great story and congrats on the hard work and growth!

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Thank you, Mathew! We couldn’t have done it without your early support – your heroic Dividend buildout was a huge part of our journey! Very proud of what you and the Dividend team accomplished. Thank you for sharing the story with everyone!