Bubble is 8 years old today!

In 2011, the clarion call of the tech space was for everyone to “learn to code.”

That year, the online programming school Codeacademy raised its first funding round of $2.5 million.

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Vivienne from our team wrote this piece to tell our story in more details than we usually do. It’s been quite a ride, and there is a long way to go!


This is the most transformative company in the history of tech since Apple/Google! I couldn’t be more excited to see where you guys continue to take this!


This was a big call but has future proofed you so well.
Great article @vivienne


Happy Anniversary! Wishing for a lot more success to the Bubble team. <3

Story to tell to our kids one day! :slight_smile:

We at Zeroqode and so many others, could not be happier that you guys have taken all the decisions you did back in the day and pushed forward.

Here’s to the growth and prosperity for years to come :wine_glass:
Happy Birthday!


I’d love to know more about what the two of you talked about during the 3 hour initial conversation!

The power of a peanut butter and jam sandwich brought me to my co-founders…
Link if anyone is interested


Thank you @emmanuel & @josh :balloon: :tada: :confetti_ball:
Thank you Bubble team :balloon: :tada: :confetti_ball:
Thank you Bubble :balloon: :tada: :confetti_ball:

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Congratulations on the milestone @emmanuel, @josh and everyone on the Bubble team!

We all greatly appreciated what you have built and continue to provide. It has seriously empowered and enabled me to run my own online software business and I couldn’t be more thankful :pray:

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Congratulations and happy birthday. Thank you for following through on your visions, helping so many others follow their visions.

I had an idea about three years ago that everybody I knew told me was an impossible dream as I didn’t know how to code, wasn’t the son of wealthy parents and didn’t have the professional background to attract investors with just an idea.

Through exhausted efforts of searching for ‘how to build a startup as a non-tech founder’ I came across Bubble. I spent two days reading through everything I could about it, which was limited, so I basically read it all four times over. On the third day I signed up.

Took me about six months to feel like I was going to be able to build whatever I wanted. Now, I am nearing completion of my dream and extraordinarily excited to show everybody I know the impossible was possible.

I tell everybody I meet about Bubble and how transformative it is.

Keep up the good work and continue empowering others.


Congrats on all the hard work guys! The product you’re building, along with its community, is truly amazing. Kudos to you :+1:

It’s a great concept. I just wish it would be more reliable so I could put more faith into it.

Congratulations for the amazing work and energy spend on Bubble! More and more success!

Congrats and happy birthday!

Awesome story @boston85719. Mine is quite similar and I also started my Bubble discovery by specifically looking to build an app as a non-coder. Now for the first time in my life I’ve built my own product and am so close to revealing it to the world and see where that takes us.

That is awesome to hear. I can imagine how you feel about making the big reveal. It is very exciting and quite honestly something that makes me feel very proud. I believe you probably feel the same way. Looking forward to see what you’ve created.

Yes, extremely exciting. But equally terrifying TBH. I had a mini reveal to the inner circle about a month ago that was received with as much enthusiasm as a rack of ribs at a Vegan camp. Been doing a lot of rejigging, with increased optimism of a more carnivorous response this time :blush:


Congratulations to the bubble team! Really wish I had known about bubble years ago, but definitely happy that I know about it now. :smiley:

Yeah, happy birthday !

All in one incredible peace of Art. A great company is a peace of Art. It is - as some of you at the company have stated in thejs/html code as a kind of advertising to hire coders somewhere - “The future of web development” - People understand and feel the power of Creativity and a unique Style. No other platform can compete with bubble. I evaluated 3 or 4 of other platforms. All crap. For me as an entrpreneuer it is the speed to adapt, the power of independence on - sorry for this - “difficult personalities high on Ruby on Rails” who suck capital out of your company for poor performance. Ok, that is enough - sorry for my martial words, I wish bubble.io and the Team a GREAT future, and I hope to visit your office soon in NYC! On last word: Secondra Markets could be on an Autrian TV Show with Investors, similar to Shark Tank in US, in Q1/2021, application is running well so far.