Bubble Is Broken Again

It looks like buttons are missing and no longer working in my app. Seems like Bubble’s own page is having a similar issue.


All my pages are completely white, nothing loads at all


Exactly, I am having the same issue.
When running my app, most of my pages are not visible

Anyone else?

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Still doing fine, for now :sweat_smile:

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The main issue I’m encountering is that the material icons aren’t being rendered.

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All my material icons are not showing. The rest of my pages are working.

@emmanuel can this be fixed today?

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Same - all white pages. I am in the US, Midwest

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Tengo el mismo problema, con Material icons y paginas en blanco

What is going on at bubble the last few months?

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Down twice in one week. Pretty hard to try to build any business around bubble with this kind of reliability.


I mean, in their defense, that first one this week (Jan 8th) was 100% out of their hand, and was a Cloudflare issue. It’s a bit unfair to blame them for an issue they had no part in. I also understand, because I am sure my consumers blamed me during downtime that wasn’t my fault and I had no say in either.

On topic, I do also see issues. Dedicated seems unaffected, so sadly this one does seem like it’s more on Bubble’s side.


Nothing working for me either. This is the worst outage I have experienced with bubble in 2 years.

Bubble itself not currently showing an outage.

Nothing working for me either. :pensive:

Same thing here!

Yea totally broken, and the console gets flooded with 100s of these:

Seems back to normal now


All my apps are blank

Pages built on the non-responsive code are not working, pages built on responsive code are working.

Our pages were down too. but now loading back as normal