Bubble.is interactive tutorials/lessons

Hello Bubblers!

I am a full-stack javascript developer and when I initially heard about Bubble (a few months back), I was skeptical…but Bubble is surprisingly powerful. I feel like a kid with a new shiny toy :smile:

I want to build a few tutorials for the Bubble community, but I find screencasts/ videos a little frustrating as a learner. I’d love to be able to make interactive point-and-click Bubble tutorials like the lessons on the official documentation site (https://bubble.io/documentation).

Any idea how I can do this with my public Bubble projects/apps? How did the Bubble team do this - is there a plugin I can use or is it built into the platform?

If its possible for Bubble to extend this platform/ feature for Bubble users, it would help the Bubble community share their knowledge.



This is custom-built as it’s very closely integrated to the editor code. Now we may one day expose that as a way for people build more lessons, but this is a bit early for us to do so right now.

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Thanks for the response, @emmanuel.
I can understand why this may not be a priority for the Bubble team right now.

Hi @emmanuel

Since this thread is from 2017, I would like to surface this subject again. Like satenndrra I would really appreciate the opportunity to build interactive point-and-click walkthroughs and overlays like you guys have done. Is there any way this could possible?

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