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I’ve followed Bubble for a long time now and seeing it grow rapidly with first hand experience I must say Bubble is the best application I’ve met in my life.

Not too long ago Bubble increased their prices on all packages by almost 80%. Why has the revenue not increased by at least 50%? Is it time to get the old prices back?

I think Bubble show put the prices back to $16 and put a higher $ amount on upgrades and capacity. That would allow Bubble to grow it’s revenue with it’s users again.

What do you guys think?

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Where are you seeing their revenue

If its the best app you ever met then the increased prices are still fair


Added the link above

It’s still fair but not smart if their actual customer base went down. I do understand this makes room for more capacity.

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What I would like is to have access to a burst of 40 credits when we need it.
A rate of 1$ per hour > 40 x 20$ divide by 31 days, approx. equals 1$ per hour.


Ohh thats nice from IH, i didnt know they had that function

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@Codeables Don’t forget that price increase only apply to new Account. I don’t think they expect a 50% raise of income.
What we should now is how many new paid customer since the price increase compare to before.


The revenue went down since last month so this came into my head. But smart thinking

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This seem to me normal.
When the revenu of previous month have a high raise like aug/oct, most of the time, this will be a little bit lower the next month.
Look at Feb-march, we can see the same behavior. April have dropped. (and we can look in 2018 too Jun Jul have a higher raise than previous month followed by a drop).
I’m pretty sure this is a marketing action that bring a lot of new customer on a short period and some of them drop after the next month. Absolutely normal and the drop if not very high. So for me it’s look good.

But if we can mix this data with User/apps, this can give a lot more information.
$/app income
$/user income
How many new paid user,app / how many lost paid user,app

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Hey guys,

@Jici is actually completely right: we’re continuing to keep a close eye on our metrics (including the ones that Jici describes), but the main reason you’re not seeing a distinct increase is because we grandfathered all existing accounts into the old price plans. This is something that we expected would throw our overall metrics off a little bit, so it’s something we’re prepared for and continuing to monitor. :slight_smile:


In my mind Bubble is making a mistake focusing on profit right now and not growing the user base. No-code development is the clear future and there are only going to be 1-3 winners, and those will likely be acquired by google, apple, or microsoft. They’re thinking in terms of millions right now, but should be thinking of billions down the road.

@eve Can you close this thread? Thanks!

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