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Bubble is too slow and unreliable to be useful

I’m in Chattanooga Tennessee. I have the personal plan.

This is really surprising. Can you post the link to the app? I’ve been running a few apps in production since 2016 and have had zero reports of performance issues from my end users, even those up in Canada. There has to be something funky going on!


Same here.

Andrew, I contacted Bubble support and they found an issue on my site that they are troubleshooting on their side.

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I’m glad to hear that performance is a priority at Bubble, we are going live with an internal solution for ~300 people this fall and have heavily invested our time in the platform. I do a ton of testing for our app and I do notice speed differences with workflows interacting with the database. The exact same workflow will execute/complete at different speeds (this is without any concurrent users on the system). We have licensed more capacity and are working with a 3rd party to peer review our work. Our efforts are all for not if there are behind the scenes issues. The best we can do is work on performance tuning in tandem! Thanks