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Bubble keeps sending me mails the DNS is not ok? Zapier agrees


The otherday I spend some time to setup my Private domain again in Bubble, this time with the Cloudflare settings ( and since I use Godaddy I set up a namecheap ALIAS). Now when I type in or I am neatly brought to my bubbleapp.

However, Bubble thinks I f*cked up, because twice a day I get this mail:

And also zapier is completely NOT convinced when I try to execute my webhook workload pointed at Bubble:

The URL I aim for:

When I use Google Dig, I see is neatly pointed at Cloudflare.
This is what Namecheap looks like:

Any suggestions on what is going on?
@peterj I followed your instructions…any idea?

P.S: one thing I thought would solve the issue is that initially I did not have SSL yet, thus Zapier was pointed at http…I think cloud flare has https as a standard ‘On’, which is why I added the +s in the URL in Zapier…but I got the same result

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OK. Zapier turned out to not be that hard. While not necessary previously, now I really did not to add ‘www.’.

Also Bubble has stopped sending me messages about DNS so I presume it is fixed now.

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mantém this problem