MS Clarity with Bubble - assign an email to USER id

Hello everyone!

Maybe someone already encountered such problem. Or looked for answer/solution which exists and could provide some directions.

I’ve connected MS Clarity with Bubble application - Bubble Is Now Integrated With Clarity!
It works as I could believe, the data from Bubble app is parsed and on MS side in clarity dashboard we can see heatmaps/recordings, some other analytics etc. So far so good.
An example would look like on MS Clarity side

The question (problem) I’m facing is : Is it possible to link a Bubble email (basically a user) with MS Clarity’s user ID value?

I’ve looked through documentation -
Could not find a thing related to this on how to pass email value to link it with an user ID.

But maybe the community here tried this out and succeeded, to integrate and pass (maybe via API or Code) the email to MS Clarity and actually linked these 2 fields together.

Or you know if there are other types of analytics which can have such linking between both services?

Thanks for you help and input.


I came to the forums looking for the same thing.

So far its been exciting to see Clarity do its thing behind the scenes. I’m looking forward to really getting the most out of this tool. That said, its currently challenging to tell which user is which. I’d like to find a way to either save the Clarity User ID to a user within Bubble, or just assign a user’s email to their Clarity ID.

I guess its still too new for people to have figured this out yet.


It looks like theyve aded the ability to do this, but theres no documentation on how and can’t seem to figure out. Theres a new action in workflows you can apply on pageload that sends bubble id to clarity, but it asks for a configuration in the plugin that not sure what to put in the field.
Anyone figured this out?

It looks like no answser had been given yet.
Does anyone know how to configure this plugin to link bubble user Id to Clarity now ?

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