Bubble native eSignature - legally binding?

Is the bubble eSignature widget legally binding? Can it be used in the same manner as DocuSign for users to sign legal contracts?

This has nothing to do with bubble and everything to do with your t&c, disclosure upon signing, the local laws of where the contract/user are, etc.


doesn’t DocuSign etc. generate a signature certificate with IP address upon signing? Does the Bubble plugin also produce this?

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Yes, DocuSign generates a signature certificate when you sign (which I have setup multiple times in Bubble and is pretty simple and straightforward).

The signature certificate, however, is not what makes a signature legally binding (at least in the United States) and is just a piece of UI/UX to give the user some sense of security…


What he said ^

And to clarify you have to setup IP storage and what not. all the plug-in is for us to collect the drawing

Regardless if a state or local law claims sigs must be in person or a witness present (which some do) then it’s not legally binding. Companies in those areas still use them because most of the time the other party will admit to signing or utilizing the contract services which covers it in court.

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