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Bubble needs a better email system that sends emails to outlook and hotmail

So I hve been trying for months now to get my emails on sengrid to send to Hotmail and email.

It really shouldn’t be this hard but it’s a constant problem any my customers complain. It would be better if bubble set up their own email servers and I could just pay them to make my app work.

A lot of Bubble users switch to sendinblue

There are a number of other transactional email providers, but quite a few Bubble users who were dissatisfied with Sendgrid have switched to Postmark and are quite happy. Something to keep in mind with sendinblue is that (at least when I checked months ago) they do not offer inbound processing, which may or may not be an issue depending on your use case.


Yup! I can definitely echo off that. I had issues with Sendgrid and created a forum thread to seek a better alternative. Saw a lot of Bubblers use Postmark with success. Been with them since.

They even offer a $75 credit for bootstrapped startups :blush:

I’m assuming Bubble is sticking with Sendgrid because they are a big scaleable provider for them?