I have a serious problem with Bubble. For about 1 year now, I cannot send emails to hotmail. What is the fix


So for whatever reason, I cannot send emails to any Microsoft account. The emails do not go into the spam or trash folder they don’t even get to the inbox.

Can somebody please help me. This is a serious issue and I can’t believe in over 1 year Bubble has done nothing to fix it.

I use to send in blue and have many discussions with them and I have a premium account and everything.

STILL, I cannot send emails especially reset password emails to Hotmail accounts. Has anybody fixed this?

Hi there @ParalaxMuscrat,

Are you using Sendgrid for emails?

Check out this thread: SendGrid Warning for Newbies

No Im using send in blue.

That might be a problem as well. Try using Postmark instead.

Does postmark work though. Can somebody please confirm?

Read this thread: Postmark is awesome

I use postmark and love it. Haven’t had any deliverability issues since switching.

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