Conditional workflow event trigger question (noob)

I’m want to fire a workflow with a conditional event, in this case when the value of a checkbox is changed. At first my workflow trigger was simply when the value of Checkbox isDone changed, and tried to handle the two states in the workflow chain.

That was problematic, so I created two workflow triggers (is this the right nomenclature?)—one for is checked and one for is not. I can’t help but thinking I’m missing something, but whatever.

The state of the checkbox is changed before the condition is evaluated, right?

Perhaps it’s just me, but that wasn’t immediately apparent.

If the text would read: “when Checkbox isDone’s value is changed and now This Checkbox isn’t checked” it would have been clearer for me.


Is your checkbox just make changes to a thing’s field, and making it a yes or no?

That’s all I’m trying to do right now, but can imagine it might be useful to make changes as well as do something based on that change. For now its just switching a yes/no. (I’ve only been at this for a few days.)