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Bubble not as slow as we think

Good Afternoon Bubble,

I did not plan on spending my day this way, but I have been obsessed with page speed. I have been test a “version-test” of my app and the live version. The live version was big and slow, I have trimmed a lot of fat out of the version-test just to se how fast I could make a bubble site.

My answer is (at this moment) I believe the customization that bubble gives me, out weighs the slightly slower page load times.

Here is a link from an SEO expert and his opinion on the Google Page speed test:

My take away from the article and using other page-testing sites is this…don’t put too much weight in Google Page Speed. I ran tests from major companies that have a seemingly unlimited budget to through at exactly this problem and they have low google page scores.

Here are the sites I used for testing: (they interestingly enough gave me a google page speed score much different from what google page speed gave me)

Finally I spent more time than I care to admit searching to see if we can have htaccess on a bubble site (we can’t) because Gzip and compression in general is the holy grail. Bubble is in fact compressing our sites.

If @bubble and @emmanuel are listening (reading) there are two things that can be done:
We need an updated version of jquery. We are currently running on V -3.1.1 currently 3.5.1 is available. Also, something has to be done about Cloudfront, I don’t know what, but it appears to be the number #1 offender for rendering and blocking.

I am Bubble’s biggest fan, but have given serious thought to leaving, and I may one day, for now, I believe they have a tremendous product and have helped a lot of companies. I wanted to share my research because I thought bubble was too slow, it’s kinda slow… I suspect a lot of the slow webpages here are from not following Bubble’s best practices. And remember, your landing pages need to be fast, not your entire site.

This is just my experience and opinion, I welcome all feedback.


The unfortunate issue is that Google uses lighthouse (speed test) to rank SEO.

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Are you sure the don’t use

How do you know?

Also can result in higher ad costs if your LP is bubble built and slow

But also uses lighthouse and my page load time is 5 seconds faster. The point of my post is not to put all of your stock into google page speed.

Thanks for sharing this. Out of curiosity, how did the version of jQuery come out of this analysis?


I ran a test on it gave me an F for security, I clicked on it and that’s when it said Jquery was out of date and a vulnerability. I’ll do it agin, and reply with screen shots.

Your app seems pretty damn slow for something static and not data intensive. The first time I loaded the page without cache took around 10 seconds, then navigating to the sales page took around 20. After cache was much quicker though but still not really acceptable for static and probably low requests.

Screenshots attached.Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 5.06.12 PM


Hi @alexreed92 , could you do me a favor and unlink my webpage, i don’t that showing up as a link to my site.

Yeah, that page is super slow, it 80% due to my poor bubbling. The new version (which isn’t live) is MUCH faster!

I was refering to version test not live, edited my post with correct link.

I think the way Bubble is made is inheritly slow for first page loads and in general data processing. I don’t really like to see these kinds of posts disclaimg the fact Bubble performance is not up to industry standard. Much better for all of us if they addressed the issue.

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@alexreed92 could you unlink my site please?

Also @alexreed92 what pages did you go to? There is only 1

It looks like you have edited your app since I tested! I went to sell page as previously stated.

I don’t understand why you want to hide the url for this case study? It’s visible in the images anyway.

Because the links are this forum are indexible and I don’t want to broadcast to the world that my site may or may not be as fast as it could be.

Ok fair point, I removed the link.

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Thank you!

It’s not cloudfront, cloudfront is just hosting those javascript files that are “Bubbles Engine”. They require these because it’s what renders a lot of the page and data. (Pretty sure).

Lightspeed hates seeing all of this javascript before the elements are shown. I believe this is because lightspeed tests on with a simulated phone that has the worst possible hardware, and the worst possible internet. So I think in reality the load speed is much faster than time to interactive says it is, for most people.

Most of the biggest sites in the world fail on this speed test.

I do think it’s important though, just because Google acts like the speed is going to matter more and more at some point.

Craigslist way is really one the only sites that score well, and that’s basically because all they are is is HTML with a tiny Javascript file.

IMO, the simple way for Bubble to allow for pages to score 100% would just be to allow users to make straight up HTML only pages. Ideally, this would a drag and drop builder that just only has speed friendly/seo friendly elements. Should also keep all of the metadata/sitemap files and whatnot. Alternatively, you could just code your own pages. It just needs to bypass those cloudflare files. It’d make for some pretty basic pages, but we could use these for our critical SEO pages. Hopefully it’d expand to have much more elements for lists and data etc.

This is mostly speculation, and I really don’t have very much web experience I’ve looked quite a bit into the performance of Bubble. A well built page static page feels to me, but it scores low.

I actually coded a page using AMPHTML and hosted the file in the root of my app, and these pages can get good scores, but they miss all of the shared metadata from the rest of the app.


Google news:


I like how Google doesn’t do great on its on page score test!

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