Google Ads - Quality score impacted by speed of the website. Any tips & tricks?

So I’m trying to optimise my google ads and one of the big issues is with the landing page speed. Because of that, i’m getting penalised and therefore low quality score.

I mostly have static pages without repeating groups, very few images and mostly text. I have 5 years of experience with Bubble and I have optimised anything that could be optimised. When I run a test with page insight I’m barry getting 1.4 score

I have upgraded to professional and added 7 units to test if the speed goes up. It’s the same
Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated.

The website is:

No idea? Anybody?

As discussed in the forum, in its current state Bubble won’t be the fastest with Google scores. If I were you I would dig around in Chrome tools to see if anything stood out in the load time. I would also duplicate the page and start removing things (like that RG you have with 70+ profile pictures) and then retest, to see which elements are most impacting the score.

I have tested with this page: Despre noi - Salon Transilvania | Cluj Napoca. There is just a little text and 3 very small images. The score its identical for all the pages :frowning:

I think it’s a given that your Bubble pages will really struggle in Lighthouse reports. Their team are aware of this and thankfully are working on initiatives to improve the speed at which pages are rendered.

If you’re looking for a solution today, unfortunately you’re going to have to try a different platform.

Hey @cm1,

U might want to address the following if not done yet.

  1. Minimize HTTP requests
  2. Use Gzip compression
  3. Use HTTP caching
  4. Move all CSS style rules into a single, external, and minified CSS file
  5. Minify all JS files and combine them into a single external JS file
  6. Include external CSS files before external JS files
  7. Place your JS scripts at the bottom of your page
  8. Optimize images → Compress and resize your images with some free online tools (I like Resize Image 3 for resizing, and 10 for compressing).
  9. Reduce redirects → Stay on top of this (Settings → SEO / metatags → 301 Redirections).

Reduce the number of plug-ins → Make sure you uninstall unused plugins.

For any help, check this out Ways to Speed Up Your Website
Also you can go through this as well, SEO settings that bubble has available for you

Feel free to DM me if I can help in any other way.

Take Care. Regards.

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Thank you for your post. I will go through each step and check it out

I’m following the updates closely. Lets hope it will be improved soon

Yes, that page is lighter. I ran it and got a 22 score on mobile; perhaps there is a speed difference in US vs. Europe scores, don’t know. I have seen scores jump around a little when running tests.

You could create a completely blank page in a new app and run the speed scores and look at the waterfalls in the network tab in Chrome. That will give you a baseline of what’s possible, and then you can compare that to where you are currently. Perhaps something may stick out that’s slowing the page.

As mentioned, Bubble won’t be the fastest in these tests. This is especially true for mobile, where google’s baseline device seems to be an outdated phone with a slow connection, which isn’t very relevant in most markets. It’s also unclear whether page speed is a major factor in SEO, or just impacts it at the margins.

You website has an incredible page score.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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