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Bubble Not Working on Google Chrome


Is anyone else experiencing weird problems with Chrome?

I can’t edit anything on my Bubble app.

Hey @Boost,

That’s strange! It’s working fine for me and I’m using Google Chrome. I’d file a bug report, so the Bubble Team can take a look.

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Pretty sure this is an issue with Chrome, cause Bubble works on Edge for me. Also, I noticed gmail is acting weird like how bubble is as well on Chrome. However, when I open my gmail app on the phone, everything works fine

Just wanted to know if anyone’s running into something similar

Strange… gmail search is working for me on Chrome and editing on my Bubble editor works as well. Maybe update Chrome?

I’ve been having significant issues with the Bubble editor inside of Chrome for certain apps over the past week.

Hmm strange :thinking:

I’ve experienced the editor being very sluggish today and sometimes timeout when saving, status page seems okay in terms of latency, odd one.

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