Bubble Office Hours: NYC

Hi All!

I am kicking off some Bubble Office hours here in NYC, starting on Monday the 7th from 4:30 -7pm.

What are Bubble Office Hours? This is time to come meet me, share your story, and let me know how I (and the rest of the Bubble team) can help you build your startup with Bubble.

How to book some time? For now, we are going to keep it simple. Just shoot me an email with your availability between 4:30 and 7pm and I’ll sign you up. You can find me here: [email protected]

Who am I and what is a Startup Evangelist? Many of you haven’t met me yet, but my name is Erik and I am the Startup Evangelist here at Bubble. I joined the Bubble team this year and as the community’s Startup Evangelist, I am as resource to those of you building and deploying products on Bubble and I’ll be leading all our events here in NYC. Building something cool on Bubble? Shoot me a message with your app and I’ll be sure to check it out!

That’s all for now, but rest assured, there is more to come,


Amazing idea Erik. Guys for all of you who don’t know @erik.bubble he is a great guy that cares about this community and it’s growth as if it was his own.

If I live in NYC I would be booking this everyday :joy:


This is an awesome first step for bubble to be even closer to its users, thank you @erik.bubble for this.

Once you get this going, it would be great if you can extend this virtually over zoom or hangouts for bubblers who don’t live in NYC.


Both are in the works!