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Bubble Outage: Looks like things are resolved

AWS is claiming that things are back to normal:

We’re monitoring our system metrics and error logs, and currently everything looks healthy. If you’re still seeing issues, let us know.


Thanks for keeping us in the loop through all of this – and for all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to keep our apps running smoothly. I appreciate it.

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My app is always slow Josh, any ideas why. It’s not just my opinion - I have a bubble coach who works with numerous clients with the same plans and more workflows and their apps are faster.
“It’s your internet connection”, nope it sure isn’t. My coach is working on my app thru their internet. I am the only one with this issue out of all of their clients. It’s past the point of irritating.
I sent a email to support and got back a canned answer from Emmanuel.
If you would like to see an example I have probably close to 40 or 50 hours of video of my app being built that I can choose to show how slow it is.
Any thoughts Josh?

Hey there, sorry you’re frustrated by this, and weren’t happy with the support you got. We do send a canned response when we get reports of slow apps, which basically comes down to “please give us a series of steps we can do to reproduce the specific situation”. That’s not an attempt to blow people off, or imply that you’re not seeing speed issues… I’m sure if you’ve spent 50 hours building your app, that you’re right if you think it is slow!

The reason we send that email is that all apps (except for ones on dedicated plans) share the same hardware, so if you’re seeing a speed issue but there aren’t widespread problems, it generally means that the problem isn’t with your app itself, but that there’s a specific workflow or search in your app (or maybe multiple workflows or searches) that are running slowly.

Unfortunately, we usually don’t have time to look through someone’s entire app to try to figure out what could be running slowly (we get a lot of questions, bug reports, etc. every day, and people’s apps are often really big and complicated), so our first response is to see if the person reporting the speed issue can help us pinpoint where in the app it is. When we get an email like “Hey, log in as [email protected], password test, and click the red button that says ‘load my data’, it takes me 5 minutes for the data to load, but I’m only loading 10 things”, that saves us so much time. The more time we save, the more people we can help every day, so that’s why our standard response is the way it is.

I know for new Bubble users it can sometimes be hard to put together a clear reproduction of the issue like I described above. We’re thinking about growing the team to have additional support people to help with that (though, no matter how big we get we’re always going to need to rely on help from our users, since you guys know your apps better than we know your apps). I also strongly encourage you ask for help in the forum if you’re having a hard time converting your problem into a reproducible test case – more experienced Bubblers can often help you find the language you’re looking for.


I don’t have hours and hours to waste and reproduce the issues (not one but hours worth) and I don’t have too - It’s on video.

I have a certified bubble partner building the app, why do I need to ask in the forums? I have paid for the answers.

Slow workflows? I doubt my coach did that - My coach is main player on these forums

So why would invest in a $480 (minimum) plan when my $20 one doesn’t work for jack squat?

Thanks for your time Josh, regardless of what my decision is I still appreciate what you guys have done.

Seems more than reasonable to me Josh. Keep it up!


Unfortunately, that is the nature of software development. I’ve often relied on StackOverflow and Google Groups to figure things out. For example, Firebase (owned by Google) refers to outside communities as their primary support; then they limit the number of issues you may contact Firebase technical support to 5.

Since you’ve hired a Bubble partner, they should be the one handling the issue by either contacting Bubble or posting on the forums. If you wanted to expedite the process, you should be posting a detailed report on the forums.


Hey Scott - Thank you for taking time to express your opinion.

I didn’t know in software development that everyone on the same price plan got different performance from the product, I didn’t see that in reference manual. Is that documented?

I don’t know how to post a detailed report because I don’t know how to generate a report on what my experience has been except to explain that (and you may be to young to have experienced this) the best way to describe it is to liken to trying to build your app using a dial up internet connection. To perform an action or workflow and it take 4 seconds to react seems slow to me. Maybe I am over reacting? I assumed a 4-10 or even that once in awhile 30 delay was not normal. It’s not just the editor, the preview mode is the same. And please understand that it is not based on my internet connection because I am watching my coach build using their internet connection.

Also, I don’t understand why my bubble partner would need to contact bubble support in regards to my account. I didn’t see that in the reference manual either, is that what I am supposed to do? I don’t see documentation for this.

@proust007 In these situations, you pay for resources to power your site, so 480 buys more resources than 20.

You will never find a better deal than this. Listen to your coach. I’m sure he/she will be better able to explain this.

I’d be happy to help, but it should be in a different topic.

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Hey Scottb - Thank you for taking time to express your opinion.

I must not be making myself clear. I will start a new post and see I can’t clarify my issues.

Hi Josh, You maybe need to put a sticky at the top of the Forums and on the help pages around the subject:

“What to do when your app is slow?”

And list the basic checks that a user need to go through and then the explicit requirements for raising a query with support or a bug report if confirmed issue. What links to check (e.g. status on bubble or status on AWS), what comparison are they using to determine what slow means, ISP speed tests, what content to include etc.etc.

I certainly have been seeing more posts like this recently, so you guys must see more than me!


We’re working on a rewrite of the user manual, and app performance best practices + debugging is going to be a whole chapter…


Amazon best seller for sure

Hi Josh

I’m with Bubble for about a year now. It’s great, it’s amazing BUT the issue with the speed it’s crucial for us, bubblers. I know you have a lot on your timeline but for us, your clients, and especially our clients the speed means a lot. This is among the first impressions when we deliver the app to our clients.

I would say that Bubble is perfect tool to work with if the speed issue would be solved

Regards Claudiu


I´m with you @cm1,

I´m having a lot of troubles myself with the users that are using our app.

But they´re working on it so I think that as soon as they get everything fast this will be awesome.


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