Bubble Performance - Slow bubble at specific times

I have noticed that Bubble becomes very slow after 4 pm Brazilian time. I’ve already experienced some “embarrassment” when trying to present my application around this time and therefore, whenever I can, I make presentations before this time. I frequently receive messages like this "Oh no!
We’re having some temporary technical difficulties right now. We’re working on the problem as fast as we can!

In the meantime, try refreshing the page or hitting “back” on your browser just in case things are working again…

We’re really sorry!

If this message does not go away within five minutes, please report the following code to the team: 1712258837717x616716319305316000", it has happened that all the icons that I was using from the “Material Icon” plugin “disappear” in the middle of the presentation and it often crashes so much that I have to suspend my work!

Is there any routine that runs around this time that could be affecting the platform’s performance?

I don’t use material icons for this reason as well as the fact that we can not incorporate them inline with text like we can with font awesome icons.

Could be a chance that the plugin and the library load are causing the issue…try replacing the material icons with regular icons.