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Pricing Question

We are trying to determine whether we want to use bubble going forward. Currently we are a team of six people. And we create between five and 10 new clients each year.

Once the application is up and running, it is not a static application, our clients frequently come to us and wish to make changes.

Let’s make the assumption that we need smaller server units. Because our customers are boutique shops and don’t get a lot of traffic.

I’m trying to understand the costs of using bubble.

I need development licenses for six people. And I need to be able to access and change 10 active websites. What would this cost me per month or year?

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Hi, great question! It seems like our Agency plan (Agency Plan | Bubble) may be a great option for your team. If paid annually, the cost comes out to $852 per year per designer (which calculates to $71 per month per designer). If paid monthly, the cost is about $78 per month per designer. Each designer is able to work on multiple apps at once, and the agency plan includes all features available on our other paid plans.

Here I have attached a link to our regular plans (Pricing | Bubble), but I would like to note that unlike the Agency plan, our regular plans’ subscriptions are on a per-app basis. The links I’ve provided offer more details, so feel free to look through those and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any other questions! We are happy to help.

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