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Bubble pros need more than these handful of basic hotkeys

Coming from native iOS development, I’m surprised how little thought has been put into speeding up workflows. I was hoping for an extensive list of shortcuts. What’s currently available falls short, to say the least, of what one would need to go full blast. Ideally, everything is possible with hotkeys.

I really think the team should take a page out of Figma’s playbook. Hotkeys galore, shows beside every option. Think of the editor as a design software.

Thanks Bubble team!

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You should add this to the Bubble Ideaboard

There is a major redesign coming to the editor in the next (month?). Mainly around making responsive layouts much easier to deal with. Hopefully shortcut keys and a ‘smoother’ way to development was part of this effort as well!

Ugh, the ideaboard… where feature requests go to die. More like the “idea blackhole” amiright :laughing: !?!? That is one product that needs waaaay more love. I’ll just start my petition from the forums, for now.


Yes, yes you are. I’d still post it there though.
On the flip side, with bubble becoming more focused in their development approach, I’d hope for and expect a more mature editing environment in the coming few years.

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Really hope so. Bubble doesn’t have a stellar record for shipping updates. Don’t get me wrong, I love bubble and will fight to the death whoever throws shade at it. However, as a daily work tool, there’s so many tedious little things with the editor, design and performance that they make me pull my hair.

I work on Bubble daily. Minor improvements in efficiency via design, shortcuts and organization add up quickly because of the frequency of use.


I hear that. I think this has more to do with the fact that the editor and the language and environment are essentially closed source and bubble offers nothing in the way of editor extensions or plugins yet. You don’t have a community of users who can actually fix and improve their own tools. Someone should put that on the ideaboard (so it can be ignored).

The plugin builder is another long forgotten element in need of updating. At least they give us access to jquery easily…. :roll_eyes:


I had no idea about the Plugin builder.

I think my petition is a blanket request around improving efficiency and reducing tedium. These are many people’s daily work tools. Efficiency is everything!

Ever used App Coda, Notion, Figma, Sketch or Sublime Text :heart_eyes:. Some of these have been around for less time than Bubble :grimacing:


The plugin builder has sent me into a white hot rage many times. There is so much that is straight up broken about this product and what’s worse inconsistently broken. I dream to see bubble staff a team of devs, product managers and customer success people just to handle 3rd party plugin development. Training, dedicated support and better tools… the list goes on. IMO there is so much potential in letting users of differing skill levels share and sell important app building blocks. I’m excited that this growth can fuel this.

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Great input.

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I’m familiar with those. I’m not referring specifically to the text-editor. I’m talking about the tedium, numerous headaches of the web plugin builder tool and all that it entails.

  • The sync with git hub constantly breaking in an unrecoverable manner syncing wrong versions, blowing away hours of work (this happens in the web editor too BTW).
  • How about when JS fails on server plugins it decides to run some random previously-cached version of code
  • Code deployment randomly taking 5-10 minutes to complete
  • Not being able to easily tweak anything without a full deployment (because you can’t use the test version of a plugin in your production app)
    … my fingers are tired, but this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

While I’m piling on bubble here. (sorry to kind of hijack the thread here) Why in the hell is toolbox not a first-class plugin? It has like hundreds of thousands of downloads–far and away the most used plugin. Give it more potential.

You can’t even view or enter javascript in monospace like a respectable human being. Just give it the same field type as the HTML element! I know its never this simple, but it should only take a few seconds to implement. I understand the #NoCodeLifestyle that bubble is trying to promote, but that that one is absurd. @mishav do you have any pull with the bubble gods? ;-). Sorry its Friday and it has been a week.

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Pow! “Why the hell Bubble doesnt…” is a meme around these parts.

It gives me calm knowing that Bubble now has a considerable treasure chest so they can attract and develop top talent to push this noble cause forward!


Big brother bubble must be listening and may eventually respond. A company really opens a can of worms once they start responding to complaints directly and making promises or even implying things.

I’m looking forward to seeing the new editor and responsive settings when it’s released.


I sure hope bubble doesn’t take direction from the moment-to-moment rants of users on their forum who are ‘in the thick of it’ with their projects. I’m sure all will be revealed. Maybe the gods are listening :angel::ear:

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Perhaps they don’t respond… perhaps they don’t even send a sign… but they’re out there, somewhere enjoying our struggle. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: