Bubble Puzzle Challenge - Set Slider Position from Input - Guess the Solution

Solve the challenge using native Bubble: no plugins, no JS, no CSS.

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Move slider based on the input. See GIF: magic happens at 8 seconds. How did I do it?

Lovely challenge! I love finding solutions and workarounds in Bubble.

Over my morning coffee I had no better idea that to use auto-binding with the two elements sharing the same field. But, thats not good enough. I assume you do it purely clients side?

It’s purely client-side :wink:




Loved it! Very elegant. Mine needed more workflow steps (reset group).

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I’m on to a solution to your puzzle. Will not read the posts above until I’ve solved it!

I also have a puzzle. I needed a special design on input fields and no plugin solved it. But I have a lot of fields and need to use auto-binding. So I made a Reusable Element. How did I do it? :thinking:


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This is amazing! My app has user posts, and something like this will make editing posts so much easier. I will try to come up with the solution, and if cannot, I will pester you for hints :smiley: