Bubble Rich text editor change initial content can't get it to work? or A bug?

Trying to make the content inside the rich text editor “initial content” change based on the reference to that content.

So, here is a simple test: you have a table of 3 different records each row contains a different paragraph, let’s label them in another field in the same row 1, 2, 3. Use a drop down to select 1, 2 or three and then display the “initial Content” in the text editor based on which paragraph number you choose.

I can get it to load the first time by selecting the drop down first then showing the RichText editor -

  1. Search for table paragraph where paragraph number = dropdowns value
  2. Button = show rich text editor - loads the correct paragraph the first time

Then If I select another paragraph from the drop down I can not get the rich text editor to change the paragraph to the one selected in the drop down.

All my queries are solid.

I have tried:

  • Putting it in a group and clearing the group first and then running the query on the group and referencing the group.
  • Setting a workflow to run the query again if the drop down changes to run the query again
  • Every other combination to try and clear the contents and load in the new contents.
  • Adding the text change to a custom state which changes the custom state but not the content in the text editor.
  • Adding the rich text editor in a popup and passing the correct paragraph to the popup and using search in the Rich text editor initial content to display the selected paragraph, works first time and then when close down the popup and clear the data and select another paragraph to send to the popup does not update still displays the last selected paragraph- unless you refresh the page!

The issue I have is that I can not get the old content to clear (the first content selection) and I can not get the new content to load without refreshing the page!

It seems the text editor holds on the the last text added and does not clear its content until you refresh the whole page?

Any ideas? What am I missing here or is this a bug with Bubbles rich text editor?

OK you can change it by choosing to reset the contents using a workflow but it does not change dynamically.

I did miss this, probably because there is little documentation, not ideal, but it will have to do.



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