Maximum number of database rows

I am trying to find the database storage limit on bubble.
On the pricing page, I only see file storage limit, but nothing on database.
Does bubble limit by number of rows or amount of storage?
Does the limit differ based on plan, capacity unit or both?
Thanks all.

It’s not necessarily file storage. Text take up storage as well. So if 100k rows with or without files take up 10gb you’ll need to buy more gb.

File storage is completely separate from your database…

Currently there is no limit on the the database (neither in number of rows nor in size of data)…

Except of course on the free plan, in which case you’re limited to 200 rows.


Also limited on dedicated…… db storage is consumed by backups and db usage

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I just bought the 129 monthly version.
I have no problem ingesting 200k rows
Kinda odd bubble does not limit the size of the db…

It kinda does if you want to do much data processing on a large number of rows.

Then you need more ‘juice’. But just lobbing half a million rows into a table…well, storage is cheap.

But things can grow quite quickly.
For example, records of things leaving and entering a warehouse in hypothetical warehouse management system.
Or, let’s say some kind of IoT integration where you have tens of thousands of sensors emitting data each minute. (imagine soil humidity sensors)
Hundreds of millions of rows aren’t that far from achievable.