Bubbles record limitations

Hi, I am new to Bubble, been working with other nocodes for few months but non have lived up to my expectations, bubble already feels like the better solution even after only a few days of use.

I think before I dive into this one too deep can anyone give me a little guidance on whether Bubble’s database/records have any limitations based on the below example?

I want to build a SaaS for companies
The database will have a number of types complete with data added by myself, I imagine this could amount to around 10k records.

I also want companies/users to be able to create/add projects and for each project to have a user-created inventory schedule record saved in the database.

I imagine this could amount to around 2k records per project.

So thinking of scalability in the future, if 10 companies each have 10 projects with 2k records that’s 200k records in total. What if 100 companies signed up? I know I’m thinking very far ahead here haha but I’m trying to get an idea of what can and can’t be achieved regarding the number of records that can be stored.

Just as a note, I would be holding all these user-created records in one data type in this scenario. Would this be an issue?

Another way I have thought about is allowing the companies/users to link each of their projects to Google sheets or Airtable etc and let them hold their own data, meaning the only data stored in Bubble will be my records. Is this possible?

So basically… are there any limitations based on my above example, if so what are the best workarounds?



Hi @GeorgeCantCode :wave:
This post can give some brief overview

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I don’t see any limitations in your description that would cause you a problem on the Bubble platform. Choosing to allow your users to link their projects using Google sheets or Airtable should be a business decision not a technical one.

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