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SEO - HTML-tags like h1, h2 and h3


When you put an HTML tag for an object there is an option to define it for example as h1-tag. This is important for SEO. However the HTML-code in the Bubble apps looks like this when you inspect the page source in your browser:

. Does anyone know if Google will recognise this as an h1-tag? Thanks

It looks like this in the browser:
< script type=“text/javascript” >

On one of my production apps, the h1 displays (and is picked up by googlebot) fine.

If you share a screenshot of the inspector, or link the site, I can show you where the tag should be in the code

Ok, that sounds great.

this is the page:

Thank you

You should be good:

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Thats great. Thanks a lot for the help :wink:

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