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Bubble Stripe plugin- App fee issue - not paying us the app fee

I am having trouble with the Bubble Stripe Plugin. We have a marketplace app where there are students and tutors. The student puts in a request, the tutor responds to the request with a price, and the student accepts or denies the request. When they accept the request, we will only authorize the charge and there is an app fee of 30% of the given price by the tutor. Once the tutor and student both join the scheduled session, then the charge is captured.

So for example, the student creates a tutoring request for math. A tutor sees the request and gives a price of $10. The student sees this response to their request and accepts it. If they don’t have their CC info saved yet, so they enter in the CC info and we save it. Then we authorize the charge only and the app fee is $10 * 0.30 = $3.00. Then, the tutor enters the tutoring session by clicking the “start session” button, and then the student clicks the “start session” button. When the student clicks the “start session” button, their saved CC is charged for $10 and the tutoring session begins.

The issue is that for some reason, we are not able to see ANY of the app fees being captured in our Stripe dashboard, not in the developer mode nor in the live data mode. I have absolutely no clue how to find these charges because we can’t even see them in our Stripe dashboard because these charge IDs are probably only available in the Tutor’s Stripe accounts, so I am unable to see what is going wrong. I tried entering in a hard number for the app fee and put in “3” as in “$3.00” but it still didn’t show an app fee in our developer/test data charges in our Stripe account.

Does anyone know what I am entering wrong?

Attached are some screenshots of the workflows.

image (2)

any response would be awesome. If you are having the same issue or had this issue in the past I would love to know :slight_smile:

review keys - dashboard in stripe , test mode toggle in upper right-hand side, value here should == bubble’s corresponding key value , in connector being used to call stripe’s service.

then , back to stripes dashboard to see whether you can create a link for payment which could be useful and is easy to hook up to bubbleworkflow for one-time " integration testing" …

get the link from stripe DB and code a workflow to simply Navigate to that 3rd party link … see if u can complete a test payment using ‘4242424242’ test card per stripe docs.

if this shows in the stripe DB , u have verified connectivity.

update: the screenshots were correct. I was just looking in the wrong part of the Stripe Dashboard. The app fees show up under “Payments > Collected Fees”

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