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Bubble Stripe Plugin - Invoice Item

Bubble’s Stripe Plugin expects a User to create an invoice item. Some of us build apps that create Stripe accounts at ‘organisation’ (A custom thing) level and save Stripe ID in a field on that field. @josh please would you consider using Stripe Customer ID rather than User in the action Create an Invoice Item? Stripe.js plugin does not have a similar action - if they added it, it will help everyone enormously too. @copilot ?

Hey @kenlaji, duly noted!

We don’t require Bubble objects for any Stripe.js action so it may be a good fit for you. :slight_smile:

I already have your plugin, but you don’t have a ‘create an invoice item’ action -that’s the issue.


That’s right - we don’t have extensive support for Invoice actions, yet. You’re always welcome to reach out to [email protected] if you’re in the zone to sponsor them! :slight_smile:

If you use API calls you can do it. Can even set dynamic number of invoice items.

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Please can you help with setting up the call ? I’m struggling with the content-type required and how to configure the payload. Do you send it as JSON or Raw? Thanks very much in advance:)

Use content type the stripe docs stipulate. I think it’s xml url encoded.

Payload is JSON.

Yes I was aware of that. The sticky bit for me was how exactly to configure the call beyond that. JSON in the body kept throwing errors. Finally @romanmg post a while ago came to the rescue. For the benefit of others, I am posting the config she suggested, which has worked for me.

Wanted to mention that your plugin’s call currently requires a ‘quantity’ field - which cannot be used for metered plans (prices) on latest Stripe API. Throws errors because of that. I have now set up the call in API connector as below and it is all working for now.

Thank you for contributing and all of your efforts to support this space.