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Invoice Payment Link

Anyone know of a plugin which would create an “Invoice” into a link?

I’m trying to build a dashboard where say if the user has customer A that needs to be invoiced for $1000, they can with the click of a button send an email to customer A with the invoice as a pdf, and a link to pay.

I’m using Stripe to manage payments.

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You can create a page with the “Invoice” as data type. You can send the user to this page using (12345678x12345678)
On this page you will have the payment button for stripe and you will be able to manage the invoice status too once it’s paid

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Thank you!

There’s a stripe billing functionality/product, but doesn’t have a plugin associated with it so I was wondering if there was a way to do that in bubble i.e directly going to the stripe hosted invoice page

Are you looking for a template like this? (use the dropdown navigation on the right to go to the dashboard and look at invoices)

Not sure if there is a way to go directly to a Stripe Invoice and use that as a payment page

Yes it’s also possible to do that. But not with the native Bubble plugin. I don’t know if another one provide the url to invoice too. But yes it’s possible

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I’m pretty sure with Stripe, you can grab the direct invoice URL?

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Yes, it works. I’ve done this with Stripe several times and you can grab the direct invoice easily. I’ve done this with the Bubble plugin too because of the nice interface and detailed instructions. I bet even a guy who doesn’t know anything about websites could work with this template. Honestly, I had some troubles with implementing an invoice payment link feature but had to implement it on my website anyway. We have an online gambling payment software atm and this feature is necessary to make our services better.