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Sending A Stripe Invoice to Customer

I currently have the stripe API created by installed. I have a page on my website where the user will submit various information into form elements and once they click the submit button, I would like for an invoice to get created and automatically sent to the customer. The customer will not have access to any pages. I want them to just receive the invoice and payable link through email and text if possible (if only one is possible then email is preferred). I have not found a way to do this. The “Create an invoice” option that the stripe API offers seems to just create an invoice for my user which is not what I’d want. Any advice or suggestions on how to get this done would be amazing and super helpful. Thank you!

Below I have also added a screenshot of my input page along with an example of an invoice that i created on stripe which is what i’d ultimately want created

The solution was to use stripe.js plugin. From there you connect your account and tney provide the elements to make what I talked about happen.