Stripe Plugin Error

Hi all,

Anyone know why the Bubble Stripe plugin is throwing this error for the v2 of the plugin (not v3) for the ‘Collect Users CC information’ action?

I’ve deleted the customer and tried from scratch with a new record, same issue.

Here is the workflow

I’m not creating the customer in Stripe or anything before hand, just saving the CC card using that action, and I can see the user is successfully created and card linked in Stripe so not sure why Bubble is throwing this error.

Any help appreciated.


Hey Reece, two possible reasons for this imo:

  1. It’s a bug
  2. or something to do with the v2 not being SCA compliant
    although if the customer and card are created in Stripe, option 1 would make more sense

Just wondering is there a particular reason you’ve chosen to use Stripe’s plugin instead of Stripe.js + API Connector? I remember having quite a lot of issues with the plugin back in the days.


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Thanks Ambroise!

I think it’s probably a bug but not 100% sure - never used to do it.
I’ve tried V3 as well same issue.

Stripe.js is something I might just spend the time to set up actually, I haven’t done it for a very long time but might be worth it.

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You’re welcome! If v3 has the same issue then it might be necessary to file a bug.
As always feel free to reach out if you need some tips to set up Stripe.js + API Connector, I’ve done it many times

Need extra help?

Book a free 15 minutes call - happy to help if I can

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Hey sorry, just realised the V3 doesn’t even have a Collect Card Information action so I have to use V2 in order to do that.

We’ve moved to a volume based billing model so we capture the card then have a recurring charge action that calculates the total volume usage to be billed at the end of the month.

I’ve filed a bug report.