Bubble Support - No Tickets? No Follow up? No return?

Hi There !

I’ve described some issues in my app, and all I got are “sympathetic answers”.
No ticket to follow the issue, most of the answers, are not an answer at all…

Most of the time I ask for a followup, the next attendent does not know anything, and ask me to start all over again…

Is that this way Bubble treat issues?
How is your experience?

It is high time that Bubble have a ticket system, a follow up to issues and bugs, more professionaly…

Guys, do you agree? Isn’t it time to ask for a more professional support?
I’m on a payed plan.

Let me just say for the record that I dislike posts like this one. Sure, @augusto1, you’re frustrated, and maybe calling out Bubble support in the forum makes you feel better, but here’s the problem with your post. You’re quick to share screenshots from Bubble’s emails to you, but where are the screenshots of what you submitted to them? Did you submit bug reports with clear descriptions of reproducible issues, detailed steps to reproduce those issues, and screenshots or videos that clearly depict the issues? If you did and those are the responses you got, then you probably have a leg to stand on. But, until you provide a lot more detail from your side of the equation, it’s difficult (for me, at least) to view this post as anything other than unwarranted “bashing” of Bubble support.

Hey, you asked, so there you go. :wink:




My intention here was not to start a war…
Far from that!

Instead get attetion that Bubble has an incredible product, lacks on support.

Yes, I described with screenshots, and let access to the app. It took me a lot of effort to describe the issue…

Also, I just took all care with people involved, and put a mask in their names. So, I’m discussing the support itself, not people involved…

My clear intention is to discuss a better support system. I’d better ask for a ticket support, that would help me and you…

I do like Bubble, and I use it not as a hobbist.

Can you help anyway Mike?

I’ve been a Bubble user since 2017 and have submitted countless tickets and have always had stellar support. I find I get better support when I really focus on making simple, straight forward reproductions of my issue with screenshots and videos. The quicker they can identify the issue I am having, the faster it can be fixed.

Just adding my 2 cents to balance this out.

I do hope your issue gets resolved though!!

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Agree with this! You’ll be surprised at how Bubble support was in the past…the improvements in their follow up have been tremendous since then! I suggest using Loom to record a video of you clicking step by step to help the process along.

As a new user, I had a bad experience, but it all seems to be an isolated case.

Bubble support team asked for apologize, and now its all working just fine.

So, just wanna close the matter, an isolated case does not justify discussion for improvements.

Tks for all feedback, support is working just fine.


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