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Bubble Testing - automated?

Hi there,

My bubble app is now at the point where even its “daddy” can’t remember how everything should work without a bit of thought :smile:

I know there are BDD tools for coders (behat, Jasmine etc) but is anyone using anything like this for their bubble site ?

Any recommendations for things to look at ?



We did have an integration with Sauce Lab to run automated tests but it’s a bit out of date, we’ll work on this again at some point. Generally speaking, JS frameworks are going to be tough to use with Bubble as it goes lower level that Bubble’s workflows.

At this stage, to manage complexity, you should really use the comment system, so that you can write down what some elements/workflows/types are supposed to do.

Thanks. I was really thinking about some sort of script I could run to make sure I hadn’t broken anything on the site. Rather than anything deeply embedded.

That’s really what Sauce is about. Maybe you can experiment with this, i think they let you build test flows in the browser, but i haven’t played with it.


Having support for automated testing is really important when your app is being used in production and you are continuously adding new features to it. I plan on using Postman to create a collection of tests of the API I’m creating, but all of the logic involved in the workflows triggered through the user interface can only be tested manually now (as far as I can tell).

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Well my precious answers still applies: you can use some selenium tools to do this.

Yes, I’m reading up on that now. I will try it out and see how easy it is to get this going.

I’ll try to remember to update this post with what I learn.

I have had a look at both Saucelabs and Browserstack. They seem like powerful tools, but there is no way to set up automated test execution without having a CI server that can execute the tests. So for a non-coding person like me, it’s a quite steep learning curve.

If anyone has ideas for alternative approaches, it would be great.

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I subscribe to BrowserStack, and it is really useful to quickly spin up something to test on an older iphone.

But you are right, you can’t do the BDD gherkin/cucumber/jasmine style CI testing that I have seen my dev teams do. But I think it would take me as long two write up some Gherkin as it would to build the thing in bubble !!

I also tried SauceLabs, but similarly came to a dead end. It isn’t for NoCoders. And Selenium similarly, it is so codey.

Will have another look. There was a piece of kit I remember that basically monitored your homepage every x minutes to check nothing was broken, but again it didn’t do the CI style “you have just broken the client update screen” thing.

Maybe an opportunity beckons :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I also looked at Leaptest, but that is Windows desktop app. I want something that runs in the cloud and can be triggered very easily when I’m working on a new version of my app.

I looked at Leaptest’s demo video. At a high-level, it seems to be the visual programming tool for automated testing that I’m looking for. I agree that it being a Windows desktop app isn’t ideal, but for those of us with Windows, are there any material problems with it being desktop based? (I ask because I’m new to automated testing and may very well be overlooking things)

to use Selenium easily, we need to reference items. one common way is to reference by ID. if each element could get an assignable (at design time) ID, that would help. alternatively, if we could just add the name as an attribute, then we could search for the element that way in Selenium. Thoughts?

Hey @NigelG i use uipath or Automate 10. The run on your PC and can mimeck clicks and capture data that you then scrutiny.

I used for many years WinAutomation (cost effective) better than Automate (after a long period of testing). :wink:
They are anyway great tool.

That’s cool i never found that in my initial research before we had purchase uipath. From your experience does it interact with SQL, support arrays, and API calls?

Free Trial 30 days :wink: