Bubble thinks this template has removed "Built with Bubble"

Bubble thinks that this template by Dot Studios has removed the “Built with Bubble” button so is blocking me looking at the template, and then redirecting me to the Bubble homepage.

I had been using it all morning but it only just started this behaviour.

I like to browse the preview of a template while working on it as it is faster to see what elements I could use.

Can anyone confirm the bug? I guess it is something for the Template developers to sort? I already emailed them but not sure if they are on the forum.

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I have the same problem

OK - I’m just not sure if this is a Bubble bug or something the developers of the template need to sort.

This seems to be happing to all apps on the free plan. The same bug happened yesterday @eve

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Hey @eve, it seems this issue has resurfaced. :frowning:

Same issue here!

It is a bug affecting all Free plans, the same thing happened last night.

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ah yes - I get the bug with any template. Not just that one.

As I said, it was fine until about an hour ago.

Hey folks,

Thanks for alerting! Please email us at support@bubble.io as well if you’re seeing this anywhere else.

Same problem here…

same here

OK I have emailed the support@ email address (which we are meant to do even though Support has seen this thread?).

Thanks for your email! It is actually very helpful for us to have the emails in addition to forum threads (for a variety of reasons, such as metrics, better tracking, and an all-hands-on-deck team response, as well as the ability to investigate multiple events with separate underlying causes).

Our team is working on resolving this issue now and should have a fix shortly.

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Alright, folks, thanks for your patience! Fix for this is now live; please do let us know if you’re still seeing issues!

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