Is it safe to delete my template? + Bubble Suggestion

Hi all,

  1. This is probably a nothing-burger but I see that under “My Templates” I have a template I was not aware of (I may have created it when I first joined bubble) that looks exactly as the updated app that I am building. My main question is: Can I delete it without deleting my app? and if so, is there a need to delete it (Does it double the bubble resources I am using)?

  2. Does the fact that the app delete button is so easily accessible creep anyone else out or is it just me? I suggest Bubble place this button at the back-end somewhere. There is probably a second confirmation needed but still I feel like it makes it too easy to accidentally delete an app.

There’s a second confirmation to delete an app where you have to type out the name of the app in full, so there’s no way you’d accidentally delete an app unless you truly want to.


@Nocodify aha noted thanks. I wasn’t going to click it to find out, so this is reassuring