Weird change in bubble template

Hey all,

Out of nowhere, my some of my workflows seems to have stopped working, and I can’t seem to make them work again.

One page, has buttons to show elements, but when you click on the button, the loading bar moves super slow, and it gets to about 95% and hangs.

And, I have a store, (it’s based on the ubereats clone) and I can link a user to the store. It just stopped. I deleted the one that was working (ugh) in the hopes of sorting it out, but now I can’t link a user to the store. So, not nothing works. I really need this sorted out, and I would be willing to pay for someone to help me out.

@kris1, Have you run the page with the debugger on? Going step by step through the button click workflow might reveal an issue.

You can also look at your server logs to see if a server error occurred. Logs > Server Logs

Hey, thanks for getting back to me. The debugger doesn’t show anything unusual, and I’ll check the logs.

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