Bubble to google domain [SOLVED]

Hey guys. How are you?

I pick up Google Domains as a host service, and I’m struggling a little bit to put DNS info in plataform correctly.

This values:

I don’t know where I put these values, in the Google Domains interface.

Has anyone ever experience with this?

Make a screenshot and paste it here

Hi nocodeventure, in fact, I move to google domains right now, but I don’t know yet how I link bubble with google domain. :confused:

I have this fields, but I can’t put two values…

Hey there @douglas9429,

Do all these A values have the same IP? I use Google Domains as well and have different values to input.

Hey @johnny

I did!! There is a way to add an additional field. I hadn’t realized that!

Thanks for the help, everyone


Hey @douglas9429 so basically you just input the Bubble info in the Google Domain setup and that’s it ?
I set everything up but now I cannot access my “preview” bubble app anymore … I think I’ll have to wait 48h before the DNS is spread out right ?

You also have to inform bubble that you have your own domain : app settings > seo / domain

And your app must be on a paid plan

With Google dns, you usually have to wait for a couple of minutes before the changes are applied, not 48 hours.

Have you hit the refresh button several times?

All good :smiley:

Thanks ! It’s been done in 2 minutes in the end (don’t tell anyone but I made a mistake in my domain name …)

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