Bubble domain and custom domain not working

I have my google domains setup perfectly and bubble is saying it cant find any DNS records pointing. Any help?

Now it updated and shows this. LOL. What am I doing wrong?

@aloecf Try changing the TTL to 600 seconds if you can. Domains can take quite a while to propagate.

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I mean I have had it at 600 for about an hour now. No dice. It really takes a full day to propogate?

Yep, I’ve had a domain take almost 10 before.

Fingers crossed. What is my next option if this doesnt work by tomorrow morning? And any idea why it says “we found records” although its the same IP that its asking for?

Hmm. I haven’t got that far yet lol. I’d reach out Bubble if it reaches that point.

For anyone else it’s working now. Just needed a few hours to propagate.

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