Bubble to Mobile fast, cheap and easy

Hello Bubblers,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.
Because I saw an increased interest in mobile apps, I come forward to help you achieve this with 0 code!

Think of it as an early Christmas present or an early Black Friday, for a limited time only you can:
transform your bubble project into a native mobile app, with 0 code!

You don’t have to buy native wrappers, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for it, you don’t have to install Android Studio or Apple’s Xcode, don’t have to won a mac, or buy any license at all

https://bubble-to-mobile.bubbleapps.io/ come on over and pay only $299.99 USD and have BOTH your iOS and Android apps ready in no time!

Merry Christmas everybody :slight_smile:



Looking forward to be working with you.
I have a very strict, no portfolio with my customers, since I want to protect their projects, codes and so on, but since this will be public, I mean every customer can see other projects as they are being published under the same account and that we are using bubble and not an open source project, sure: https://apps.apple.com/ro/app/my-dmd/id1530038730 this is the most recent project.
As for how to be structured, as you wish! As long as it has a responsive, well constructed design, it should be fine.


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Sure, your account(s) work fine. Hit me up when you are ready.

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Can you convert multi-page web apps to native apps? I’ve read elsewhere that this usually requires a single-page website.

Well, as long as you have a functional menu, why not?

Very expensive, nativator costs $ 39 :neutral_face:

Sure, there will always be someone who’s willing to make it very cheap. But that’s another topic.
What’s important is that you didn’t see all the advantages: you don’t have to own two developer accounts, no recurrent fees. For Apple alone you pay 99 usd/yr. So in 3 years of using my service, you’re already on profit :slight_smile:

As well? Do I need to have a developer account on Apple and Google? How it works?
Is the apk hosted on your developer account? But what is the guarantee that your account will not go down?

It’s a service like any other. What’s the guarantee that bubble won’t go down, or that you’ll wake up tomorrow for that matter?
You don’t need ANYTHING, but to provide the requested information needed to create and publish the app, under my agency’s accounts on both platforms.

What are the native functions? The site does not explain much
Push Notifications, Geolocation, back button press, offline native alert, native camera acess and file upload?

To speed up the approval, not all functions are pre-activated. I only activate the functions that the customer really needs, avoiding delays in app’s approval. Fastest app approval was 3 minutes. And yes, we’re talking about Apple here. Because of that, because I believe to be among the first here to provide a solution for mobile apps using native webview apps, then providing a plugin and later a PRO plugin for OneSignal Push Notifications, I strongly believe that I can provide a high quality service on this too.
You simply copied what nativator states on their website. I will not make public my techniques, I can only assure you that every app will be approved and it usually gets approved REALLY FAST.
What’s very cool about this project (or at least I believe it to be) is that you don’t have to buy developer accounts, wait weeks for it to be approved via DNB or other similar services for Apple and then pay for it each year. Then there’s the rest: no need to hustle with codes, mac enviroment/OS, xcode, android studio, google cloud, certificates - developer, provisioning etc.
I’ve already done it in private with a few customers from bubble, now I’ve made it a service and it’s generally available.

I copied information from nativator because I intend to subscribe this month, so I am checking if your project is more advantageous.

However, these functions are very important for my app, I need notifications, geolocation, camera access, offline alert, and the back button press.

Well, I believe we can talk about your needs in private, as your project is also, private, right?
Also, what do you mean by offline alert? That will NOT be possible with bubble. You don’t have the database stored on your mobile app, your triggers run on bubble’s servers.

@mvandrei does the one time cost include any number of builds due to changes?

it is per build.
If the update is from my side, for security/bug fixes that are from my app, then it’s free.
If it’s something that you want, then you have to buy it again. With all content being server-side (bubble), there are not so many reasons to be needing an update: logo, native functionality addition or removal, things like this.

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Your website clearly say’s “No source code, nor ipa or apk will be provided” and it looks non transparent in deal. Are you going to benefit from keeping it rather that sharing it with your paying “developer”. Or is it something hidden in those apps, Like competitive analytics to share other companies to progress…??

I simply upload it on their account directly.
I think I made a reputation here, if you want to trust the service go ahead, if not, it’s your choice. There will ALWAYS be someone like you.
Also, I NEVER sell ANY information to anyone.

P.S. OneSignal does EXACTLY that. So, if you’re going to use push notifications, you already agree analytics being used and sold. NOT by me, but by another company that offers their services for free. So why are you so aggressive ?