Bubble too slow (programming)

Good afternoon,
Bubble is quite slow to program.
Task executions are very slow.
When I call a workflow, it takes almost 30 seconds to respond.
What can it be?

There are too many variables and not enough info to give you a good answer.

Bubble doesn’t like long pages

Bubble doesn’t like calls to complex data with over 500 records

Bubble doesn’t like lots of elements on the page

Bubble doesn’t like super long workflows

I hope someone can come in behind me and help you narrow what exactly it is, but yeah, what type of layout are you using? What type of data calls are you making? What type of device are you using to test out your page?


I pretty much agree with what Perfect said above.

It’s pretty easy to build an app in Bubble, and it’s even easier to build a Bubble app that is slow as mud. Building a Bubble app that is speedy isn’t particularly difficult, but you do need to be careful about what you do.

But it’s hard to address your particular situation. We don’t know how complex your app is, how complicated your pages are, what your workflows do, or even what db you’re using.


Hey there,

As @drixxon described above, we would need more context in order to give specific advice.

Here’s some general things to look into:

  1. Are you using advanced filtering in your searches? A common struggle with new Bubblers (one I wrestled with myself) is striking a balance between operations run server side and operations run in the user’s browser. There is a time and place for both.
  2. Using too many of the “each item’s …” Instead, try structuring your database in a more efficient way
  3. Too many elements on one page (as Perfect said above)
  4. Recursive workflows (this is very common when using complicated “on page load” operations

I’d like to recommend this ebook to learn best practices and adopting a performance based mindset.
It’s impossible to tell you exactly what problems you’re experiencing without context, however, I’d bet my money that Bubble is not the problem.

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