My first Bubble Tutorial for Beginners - Building a local marketplace app from scratch!

Hi everyone :wave:

I’ve just put out a Youtube Tutorial for beginners to learn the fundamentals of Bubble. It’s aimed at people with very little or no experience, and in it I walk through how to build a simple local marketplace app from scratch.

I’m hoping it might be useful for some newbies out there. And that there might be some kind souls even gracious enough to give me some feedback. It’s my first one - and I’d like to continue making them, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! :love_you_gesture:



Thank you! Are there any tutorials you would recommend for beginners ?

I learnt really well from the Airbnb clone course from @brentsum at Codefree Startup.

But I made this tutorial also for beginners. There’s even some theory slides in there on how Bubble handles data :wink:


Thanks Matt

This looks very stylishly done!


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Thank you very much, I appreciate everyone how’s teach beginners because I’v came here with zero experience on apps building and I’v learned a lot from YouTube videos, thank you again


Hi, Thanks for posting this tutorial. It was easy to understand. When can we expect another one?

Hey @jemisoul, glad it was useful.

I’m not sure. My focus is on other things at the moment, so I couldn’t say when/if I’ll make another.

Well, I hope you find the time to make another one. You have a slow and clear voice that is easy to listen to. And you are able to break down the concepts into digestible pieces and was well organized. This tutorial gave me the confidence to continue learning bubble.

thanks again

Thank you @jemisoul :slight_smile:

Hey Matt,

Great work with the tutorial. As long as folks like you keep sharing this kind of knowledge, the bubble platform will continue to grow.