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Bubble UX in the Editor

@emmanuel, sharing things that would make my Bubble experience better :

  • Multi-selection of workflows so we can copy-paste them to others pages/reusables without go back and forth
  • “Ungroup” a reusable element on a page with all its popups & workflows between pages
  • Search Tool with more advanced functions for the actions such as :
  • Action / Create a Thing + FILTER ON TYPE
  • Action / Go to page + FILTER ON PAGE
  • Action / Trigger a custom WF (in a reusable element) + SELECT EVENT
  • Action / Schedule an event + SELECT API endpoint

and for people who have disabled the issue checker, if we could select “empty filter” to look for actions with missing parameters, it would help us to debug and keep our app clean.


What does that mean?

We’re actually working on the issue checker to make it work on all apps. Hopefully live in a week. For the other stuff we’ll see.

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I meant turning back a reusable element into a page element to edit it.

ok for the issue checker. That’s a good new. With my app, you’ve got your crash test ready :slight_smile:

That actually the one I’m using :stuck_out_tongue: