Bubble Website to App

Does anyone know a cheap and easy way to convert the bubble website to an app that can go on the app stores?
I am not talking about the ones that cost $700.

If not, I understand bubble offers the mobile webpage and also has a native app option. How to you make that an app?


You can use a webview wrapper to convert you bubble site into an app. There are multiple options available including Superview ($18 for Android & $19 for iOS right now)

Then there is dropsource, which starts at $39 a month and is a good option for both iOS and Android.

Alternatively, I would like to recommend Thunkable which is absolutely free to publish your website as an app in both android and iOS. The iOS one has certain limitations (such as push notifications at the time of writing this) https://thunkable.com/#/

Off course, your site has to be mobile responsive for this to work seamlessly.

Hope this helps you build you app out.