Bubble with 500k+ data rows

Hello everyone,

I do not know if it’s correct section to post, I apologize if it’s not.
I have been building apps with bubble for a while now, but one of my customers is asking me i question i can’t answer because i never had to face the issue.

He would like to have a real estate web app with more than 500k+ rows of data. He would like to know if Bubble would be able to sort that amount of data depending on filters in an efficient way ?

Which plan would fit the most to this needs ? Data would be rows of strings, numbers, pictures mostly.

I don’t know if my question is clear, do not hesitate to ask for more information

Thank you very much

Yes and no. Like any shared resource, you have to be careful with exposing too much Data. In this case I recommend you to build a Sandbox environment to test with or hire an expert to structure your database.

I also recommend you to have a seperate data table for the real estate images, as they tend to get quite big. That way, when you do a search for real estate data, it’s really fast to fetch records that don’t contain any images, besides perhaps a cover image.

You need to make the images load once the User clicks on the building :wink:


I think somebody else mentioned they had a ton of data and they moved over to Firebase or something for their backend stuff and done it via the API as it didn’t use Bubble like using Bubble’s database does, and it made it a hell of a lot quicker.

Unsure how true that is.


Have a look at the following comment, please:

And this topic:

That’s a valuable option since it provides a lot of possibilities. But, it requires resources to build out a proper backend because you should take care of such things as the rows’ privacy.

I recommend that option since you can build out complex workflows outside the Bubble, so it saves a Bubble’s app capacity. For instance, if you need to parse a lot of data via workflows that the Bubble currently doesn’t handle.