Is bubble the right place for me?

Hello all,

I am at the beginning of starting to develop an app for the company where I work.
What we want isn’t unique, but I do have question if it is possible in the usage possibilities.

The Concept:
An app-like platform where we have an webshop-like interface.
-You can only see the items we are selling when you are logged in.
-If you sign up we have to verify the user, before they can enter.
-The ‘shop’ items don’t have prices
-The cart items dont have to be purchased directly, but need to be asked for an quote.

The thing I worry about is that we have an almost unlimited assortiment of products (Question based purchasing). We have all these items in our ERP. Is the app capable to handle 10.000 items (put in multiple (sub)categories)? I can imagine that when we want to add images that might be resolving in performance issues.

Please let me know if you have any advise for me whether or not to use Bubble.
Thank you in advance!

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Hey @mitchell1, welcome!

Bubble should work just fine for your needs, provided that the app is built in an efficient way. Things like images can of course degrade the performance, but this is true regardless of the framework you use. Bubble has fairly robust features for automatically scaling images, but you may optimize it even more by adding some additional compression (like TinyPNG or another API).

10,000 records doesn’t sound too scary, but the number on its own is not really a good benchmark for anything, since it depends on how you use them:

  • How much data they contain
  • How often you need to do bulk updates
  • How you’ll search for them (such as text search, advanced filters, etc).
  • How you’ll display them (10,000 items with images will be slow anywhere for example)

On the surface level I think Bubble will do the job well, but if you provide some more details, we can probably give more specific advice. It’s true to some extent that Bubble is not the fastest when it comes to database operations, but that doesn’t automatically apply all apps – again it depends on what the app does.

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Yes you can use Bubble for this.
For large DB you can connect a SQL db or using Algolia for the search to go faster.
For images you can host your images somewhere else than Bubble (Wasabi for exemple) to serve your app.
Everything else sounds pretty easy.

Other tools could maybe make this work aswell (shopify, woocommerce?)