Bubble with Raspberry

I´m starting to use Raspberry Pi and want to know if anyone here already tried to link Bubble with Raspberry or Arduino etc ?
Theorically if Raspberry is enabled with any API it could connect with Bubble ?


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Theoretically, yes…

Why don’t you try…that is how you discover and learn!


Definitely will try…

How about install this Cloud rest API fomr EasyIoT in Bubble

Its possible to install external API´s in Bubble ?

Hi…Bubble UPNP works fine in my setup. Access to my Twonky DLNA server on the NAS to stream to RuneAudio or to stream to my hifi Streamer. So it’s the phone who really does the streaming. No BubbleUPNP server in my case.
Bubble UPNP also has access to my Qobuz purchases which is really great.