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Internet of things with

I’ve been testing the bubble over two years to see if it can be an incredible solution in iOT. Today I think I managed to take a step forward using a raspberry pi with node-red sending the data into the

To archive this, I’ve created a workflow running every second by querying an external database.

I’m afraid it might compromise application performance if you have about 10 at the same time

any different ideas?



Why don’t you create an API endpoint in your Bubble app that can be called by the RPi with a post request?

Hi @JonL , its my next step :wink: i dont have any experience with API, im searching arround how to archive that

I believe that’s the best way to move forward. Querying every second is over kill. There is plenty of material around related to setting an API endpoint and you can always ask around the forum.

Good luck!

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The same idea here, do you find something relevant in tutorials?

That’s badass @josemansilva! What’s your long term goal with connecting bubble w/ raspberry pi?

Would love to stay tuned to your progress and see more in-depth info on how your system works!

@arensbpa My long term goal is to know we can manage a whole production line using bubble as Project management, mqtt server and dashboard maker in real time. And its very doable but the mqtt thing i didn’t discover yet

I am new to but quite experience with node-red, do they work well together? Anything you can share if and node-red get marry?