Bubble & Wordpress-Webflow

I am working on the development of a saas app and I want to make my product (app) in bubble but having the website in webflow or wordpress, is it a good idea? what would be the best option to use for the website webflow or wordpress?
Or would it be a better option to develop my landing and app in bubble?

I guess the question is - why do you want to build your landing page in Wordpress/Webflow and not Bubble?

I have all my ‘brochureware’ pages in Wordpress & my app in Bubble but I did it that way for specific reasons.

It’s definitely easier to keep it all in Bubble.

Hi wrightj2
The idea of ​​doing it separately is for managing the page, having a mkt team that focuses on the website and the dev team on the app, that’s why we want to do it that way, would it be ideal to do it that way? Does it work well in your case to have it separately?

That sounds like a good reason.

Mine works fine. Only time it becomes problematic is if you want pass something between the 2 sites like; login state, email address etc.

I have my WP site setup on my primary domain e.g. mydomain.com and my Bubble app is on a sub-domain e.g. app.mydomain.com

Hello, I’m trying to do the same, but I ended up with SSL certificate issues;
I first successfully pointed the DNS of my domain app.mydomain.com to bubble; it worked.
Then I went to my CPANEL, successfully added my DNS to the domain, then added the main domain to the CPANEL, : mydomain.com, it worked also.

I then tried to generate a SSL certificate with Let’s encrypt before running the wordpress installation script, but Let’s encrypt failed,

I tried to run the wordpress script, it was successful, but only on http://, because I have a self-signed certificate, I have now an alerte message on my browser when I try to load the https version,

How did you do it ?