Bubble Ziggeo plugin doesn't support video recording in Android

And maybe also not in iOS but I havent tested.

Would it be possible to add support for this in the plugin? it seems a pretty crucial part of using the plugin. I just finished by Android ‘app’ with the superview wrapper only to discover that one of the main reasons for creating it is not supported :frowning:

I contacted Ziggeo support first but I learned that the plugin was built by @Bubble @emmanuel

We’re currently not actively maintaining the plugin but the community has worked with the ziggeo team for an updated plugin. Maybe that one works on mobile?

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I’m also having an issue with the video player element of this plugin in iOS webview. The video wont play in the app but instead opens a new browser tab to play the video. There is also no thumbnail.

@emmanuel can you confirm that this plugin will not be updated with these kind of fixes? I think the other plugin is pretty expensive for my needs, but if there is no other way, we’ll start using that plugin.

We currently do not have such plans no given the priority list and the number of people that use Ziggeo.

ok clear.