Bubbler's Assemble!

Hello Everyone,

I want to reach out to everyone on this forum with an idea I have been thinking about for some time now.

A little about me. In my day job, I work completely remotely from my apartment near Manchester, UK. I have 3 other colleagues who form my team, 1 in Leeds, UK and 2 in New York. We have daily video meetings using Google Hangouts and we work extremely well together.

We are all using bubble for different reasons and presumably, everyone’s busy with their own projects and the challenges that those projects bring.

That being said… Rarely a week will go by where I don’t have an idea to solve a problem that I have faced or am facing. I have too many ideas and not enough time to tackle them all individually.

I would like to assemble a team of likeminded bubblers, who would like to get together to decide on a problem we would like to solve… then solve it as a collaborative effort.

We could meet via video hangout once or twice a week (or as many times as needed). Ideally each team member would be able to offer a different area of expertise eg. Design, Development, Sales etc. I think a team of 3-5 would be perfect.

By no means am I looking for a full-time commitment from anyone, this would be a side project where hopefully we can leverage the team’s collective expertise to create something really cool.

Please let me know if you are interested in exploring this. Would love for this idea to become real.

You can email me at mlewis2016@icloud.com or leave your email on this thread and I will reach out to you.



What idea would we be working on?

Is it going to be an app? If so, who gets ownership of the app?

The idea would be decided amongst the group, we can discuss the best ideas then select the best one. It could be a mobile or web app.

No single owner, each team member would have an equal proportion.

To everyone that has emailed me directly, I will aim to get back to you all by the weekend.


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